Where to Buy Kinesio Tex Tape

Have you ever seen that weird looking tape that athletes are wearing now and wondered what it is or where you could buy it? Well, it is called kinesio tex tape and you are best off buying it online because most stores don’t carry it yet. But with it’s growing popularity you should be able to find it in many stores near you soon.

This tape is used by the NFL, NBA and AVP. The normal taping that an athletic trainer would do causes a restriction of blood flow because it is tight. With kinesio taping you can get more blood flow because it lifts the skin to allow blood to more easily flow to the injured body part. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that your recovery time is shortened when you can get more blood to the injured area of the body. Blood has healing properties and is the natural way to recover from injury. Kinesio tape is ideal for sport use because it provides support while not constricting the blood vessels. There are specific manuals that teach proper kinesio taping techniques to people that have never used it before. Never use the old tight bandages when you now have the opportunity to use kinesio tex tape for all of your injured areas.

Some of the most common areas to use the tape on are the knee, ankle, shoulder and lower back. The relief that you will feel when you apply the tape is really quite remarkable.

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