Kinesiology Tape – How Does it Provide Shoulder Relief?

Unlike traditional athletic tape, which works by restricting movement and keeping muscles, tendons and tissues still, kinesiology tape works by allowing the area around the muscle to stay flexible, which in turn is believed to help circulation flow and speed healing. Rather than simply sticking athletic tape on the sore and injured area, there is a method of applying Kinesio tape correctly, and it stems from a holistic practice known as kinesiology.

Kinesiology tape shoulder use first came into the spotlight when Olympic volleyball player Kerri Walsh was seen sporting a unique, black flexible tape on her back and shoulder. In no time, Kinesio tape become the Olympic athlete’s tape of choice when it came to treating sports injuries. Now, it’s available for professional athletes as well as everyday consumers who are looking for a more natural solution to helping the body heal more rapidly and fully.

How To Apply Kinesio Tape To Your Shoulder

You may need the help of a trainer or a therapist who is certified in the use of Kinesiology tape to help you apply the tape correctly to your shoulder area. Kinesio tape should be applied to your shoulder when your arm is extended fully at 90 degrees. Gently press the tape at the top of the shoulder area and unroll it down the length of your arm toward the elbow. This ensures that the tape will glide along the same direction as your shoulder and arm muscles. Keep your arm extended when patting the Kinesio tape down.

Using Kinesiology Tape – Shoulder And Neck Area

If your neck or shoulders are injured, you can also apply Kinesiology tape to the affected area to help speed recovery time. You’ll need to cut the tape in a “Y” shape and turn it upside-down so that the edge of the “Y” goes down your neck, and both branches can be spread out across your shoulders. Keep your neck bent forward while applying this tape to the area so that the Kinesio tape can spread out equally along your shoulder blades. With your neck still situated forward, gently press the tape down onto the injured area.

Buying Kinesio Tape – Don’t Be Fooled By Cheap Imitations

There are several brands of “kinesiology” tape available, however not all of them follow the principles and medicinal techniques that are part of the science behind Kinesio tape and not all of them bring out the true benefits of kinesiology itself. True Kinesio tape is marked with the words “Kinesio Tex” on the underside of the tape. Imitations may not be made to the same exacting quality standards as the original. The important thing to remember when purchasing Kinesiology tape is to understand that few competing athletic tapes are made with the same quality medical-grade adhesive to ensure fuller healing that works directly with your body’s natural recovery cycle while still enabling you to go about your daily routine while helping to keep your muscles, tendons and tissues flexible.

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